Creating Owner Mentality Employees

A revenue share incentive plan is an effective way to create an owner mentality by rewarding employees in the same manner that owners are rewarded, namely, the performance of the business.

Supercharge Your Job Descriptions

Part of the current lexicon of business mythology today is that Disney calls its theme park employees cast members. Walt Disney himself started this practice when he first opened Disneyland in 1955. Disney didn’t view his creation as an amusement park; he saw it as a theater for his visitors. He wanted to create a […]

Employ Attitude, Train Skills

Making sure they have the right people on their team is one of the most important skills that great leaders possess. Conscientious leaders employ everything from role-playing to cognitive abilities tests and from personality tests to peer interviews to decide who to retain, train, and promote. While all of these tools are valuable to refine […]